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Dr. Silbert provides therapy and treatment for sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior including excessive masturbation and pornography addiction. Your sexual focus interferes with sexual and life satisfaction. Sexual behavior feels AND is Out of Control creating problems in your life. Therapy alleviates out of control feelings, thoughts and behaviors interfering with the contentment of life.

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"I feel out of control. I have known for a long time that my behavior is abnormal, but I just don't know how to stop."

"I feel so guilty, and more importantly what if I get caught on the internet at work."

"I not only feel out of control, but it isn't even a satisfying sexual experience."

"I can't believe the money I am wasting."

It is estimated that about 3-5 percent of Americans have a sexual addictive or sexual compulsive disorder, including both men and women from all walks of life. Numerous variations of sexual expression are normal. However, when sexual thoughts and behaviors interfere with personal, social and/or occupational functioning, a problem is created. Controversy exists among professionals as to whether the behavior is a sexual addiction or a sexual compulsion. Whatever the name, the problem is the same, which includes behavior that is out of control negatively affecting various aspects of an individual’s life!

The symptoms of sexual compulsivity, or if you prefer sexual addiction, may range from actively being on the “hunt” for a physical sexual encounter to spending hours looking at pornography and excessively masturbating. The probable outcome is an individual who feels lousy about himself or herself. To escape from the negative feelings, the obsessive-compulsive chase begins, hence the ability to momentarily displace the original undesirable emotion. Once the conquest has been achieved the original negative emotion returns coupled with greater undesirable emotion attached to the repetitive behavior. This “cyclic behavioral syndrome” is the fuel for sexual addiction compensating for psychic pain.

Compulsive behavior is often an expression of depression, stress, negative thinking about one’s self and/or feelings of inadequacy. It follows that generally sexual compulsive behavior is the “acting out” of individual psychic distress. The out of control sexual behavior is most often a “secret”, intensifying fear and shame if the truth should be revealed!

Treatment involves controlling thoughts and most emphatically behavior. Dr. Silbert works with an individual to stop the self abusive behavior by unraveling the dynamics of destructive thinking and behaviors. Therapy focuses on understanding the origin of psychological distress, replacing illogical thinking, therefore enhancing self respect and eradicating sexually addictive behavior interfering with life satisfaction.


There is treatment for sexual compulsion and sexual addiction. Conquer self defeating behaviors and thoughts in treatment with Dr. Silbert by learning how to replace destructive behaviors and negative thinking!