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Dr. Silbert: San Diego Sex Therapist

Dr. Denise T Silbert: Psychologise, Sexologist, Hypnotherapist

Dr. Denise T. Silbert
San Diego, California

Understanding the pain, understanding the problem, and most importantly understanding the process for change and acceptance by the individual is the professional expertise provided by Dr. Silbert.

Her educational and employment background is the foundation for a holistic approach to care. Integration of medicine, psychology, sociology, and most importantly family and couple dynamics promotes successful intervention.

The therapeutic process integrates psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral theories to promote understanding and change for individuals and couples for a variety of issues and problems.

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“The Past is Never Dead.
It’s Not Even Past”
William Faulkner
Dr D Sex Therapy of San DIego


  • Clinical Psychologist, AZ #1407
  • Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, CA #CNS100
  • Registered Nurse, CA #310497
  • Certified Specialist: ANCC Certification Clinical Specialist in Adult and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: #0305905-01
  • Diplomate and Board Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor: The American Board of Sexology
  • Dr. Denise T Silbert

    “The way to value life, the way to love anything with greatest depth is to be aware that these experiences are destined to be lost."
    Irvin Yalom MD
    Dr. D Sex Therapy of San Diego


  • Ph.D. in Psychology – United States International University, San Diego, 1987
  • M.S. in Psychiatric Nursing - Ohio State University, 1979
  • B.S. in Nursing with Distinction – University of Arizona, 1977
  • Advanced Training in Human Sexuality and Hypnosis
  • Continuing Medical Education in Geriatric Care, Psychotherapy and Clinical Research
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    “Some Refuse the Loan of Life to Avoid the Debt of Death.”
    Otto Rank
    DrD Sex Therapy of San Diego


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  • Silbert, D.T., 1981, “Human Sexuality Growth Groups,” Journal of Psychiatric Nursing / Mental Health Services 19, No.2: 31-34.
  • Silbert, D.T., 1984, “Sexuality As A Clinical Consideration in The Treatment of Depression,” Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, Vol.10, No.1.
  • Silbert, D.T., 1987, Masturbation in Relation to Sexual Morality, Dissertation Abstracts International, August v48 (n2-B): 599; 241 pgs. Original Research/Dissertation.
  • Silbert, D.T., 1997, The Adventures of Abraham, In the Beginning, Children’s book about the process of loss and change, Unpublished Manuscript.
  • Silbert, D.T., 1999, "Golf Hypnosis for Success," Thirty-minute audio self-hypnosis CD to improve golf performance and enjoyment.
  • Silbert, D.T., 2000, “Jungle Golf,” Design, Manufacture and Sales of the “Jungle Golf” game. Competitive golf waging game to be played on the golf course.


  • Eagle Eye Research Center, San Diego, CA Executive Director of Clinical Site: Sub-investigator, Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator: Cellegy Pharmaceutical, Inc.: Protocol TF 02-02-01, Testosterone Gel Study, “An Evaluation of CP601B, 0.5% Gel in Female Sexual Dysfunction due to Androgen Insufficiency” Phase II/III, ten month study.

  • Genesis Center for Clinical Research, San Diego, CA Sexology Expert: Independent Consultant to Assess and Diagnose Female Sexual Arousal Disorder and other Female Sexual Dysfunctions in relation to eligibility criteria. Pfizer Global Research and Development: Protocol # A1481123 – Clinical Research Trial of Oral Sildenafil Citrate in women diagnosed with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. Phase III.

  • Dr. Desnise T Silber: Psychologist, Sexologist, Hypnotherapist

    “We Should Seek the Greatest Value of Our Action.”
    Stephen Hawking
    Dr D Sex Therapy of San Diego


  • Private Practice La Jolla, CA 1987-Present
  • Psychologist · Philosopher · Sexologist

  • Areas of expertise are:
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Brief Psychotherapy · Crisis Intervention
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Coping and Adaptation to Medical Conditions
  • Developmental Issues of Aging
  • Depression, Grief, Loss, PTSD, Stress, Self-Esteem
  • Physical and Emotional Abuse
  • Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Addiction
  • Hypnosis
  • Golf and Sports Performance
  • Human Sexuality Education and Therapy


  • President and Board Member: San Diego Society of Sex Therapy and Education
  • Her education and employment are the basis for a holistic approach to care. The integration of medicine, psychology, sociology and, most importantly, family and couple dynamics contributes to the successful intervention of Cialis medicine for men. Thanks to this medicine, their erection will be strong.

  • Sexuality Educator: Ohio State University and UCSD Extension Programs for health professionals
  • Eagle Eye Research Center (EERC) San Diego, CA Executive Director and Consultant: CNS, Sexual Health, and Medicine Clinical Trials

  • San Luis Rey Hospital - San Diego, CA Psychiatric Assessment Team Member: Provided on-site and/or telephone crisis intervention of clients in a drug/alcohol and or psychiatric emergency. This occurred in various hospitals, clinics, schools and other community agencies. Intervention included verbal and written assessment, evaluation, referral and disposition of all clients. Assessment of suicide, homicide and/or grave disability was paramount.

  • UCSD Medical Center - San Diego, CA Administrative Registered Nurse: Evening administrator on a locked seventeen-bed acute care adult psychiatric unit. Responsibilities included program planning, assessment, implementation and evaluation for patient care, interdisciplinary functioning, staff development, education, supervision, and evaluation.

  • Southwest Community Mental Health Center - Columbus, Ohio Ohio Registered Nurse: Crisis counselor in a community mental health center primarily responsible for initial assessment to evaluate mental status and immediate needs of safety and care for eventual triage to hospital, community resources, family and other professionals.

  • St. Luke’s Hospital - Phoenix, AZ Registered Nurse: Employed as a Registered Nurse on a detoxification unit of a twenty-one day in-patient alcoholic and drug treatment center. Primary responsibilities included initial evaluation and continuous monitoring of physical and psychological status.

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital - Phoenix, AZ Registered Nurse: Employed as a Registered Nurse in a medical and respiratory intensive care unit.
  • “I Have Only One Thing To Do,
    and That’s To Be The Wave
    That I AM, And Then Sink
    Back Into The Ocean.” Fiona Apple
    Dr Silbert · Sex Therapy San Diego

    The genuine relational nature of the therapeutic process with Dr. Silbert promotes healing and strengthening of the capable inner self. The individual is enhanced positively by a belief in the ability to cope with the human condition and the emotional upheaval exacerbated by the winding road of life’s journey!